Lori Malone speaks and consults on building product marketing, sustainability, eco-products, product design and development and more. To engage Lori to speak to your organization or business contact her.

A sample of some of the topics Lori speaks about appear below, however, presentations are always customized to meet the specific needs of the audience.

Determining The True Value of Sustainable Products

Audience: building industry professionals, building product brands.

When it comes to sustainability, many building industry professionals are making decisions about what products to specify based on a fraction of information need to determine their true benefit. In this presentation, Malone will outline the five forces that impact every building product and what you need to look for to ensure the product you select is the one that will deliver the most value.

Marketing Building Products to Men and Women

Audience: building product brands

Building products brands whose marketing is geared toward attracting the attention of men only could be self-selecting out of the running for the majority (85 percent) of building products decisions that are made by women. In this presentation, Malone will explain how brands can tell their story in a way that will appeal to women and do it in a way that won’t alienate existing male brand loyalists.

When Green Building Protects More Than The Earth 

Audience: Corporate social responsibility, building industry, building product brands

The contribution of green building products to the health of people and planet is clear but did you know that green building approaches can also help protect your company’s image? In this presentation, Lori Malone will provide case study examples that will clearly demonstrate how a deep commitment to green building can help companies get on the right side of the environmental equation as well as public perception.

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