Lori Malone Consulting Services

Click here to request detailed information on any of my consulting services or to schedule an appointment to discuss your agency’s new business needs by phone.

Branding and Brand Strategy

  • Brand Audits
  • Identity and Naming
  • Brand Extensions

Marketing Strategy

  • Product Development and Innovation
  • Operations Optimization and Innovation
  • Advertising and Public Relations 

Marketing Research

  • Competitive Studies
  • Consumer Profiles
  • Persona Development


  • Marketing Collateral
  • Standardized templates
  • Outdoor
  • Vehicle wraps


“Category5 positioned Marco as a dominent player in our industry… Sales doubled within 12 months and Marco received four industry awards…” Mark Polumbus, President, Marco Industries

“Category5’s campaign effectively changed public opinion, which was what we set out to do.” Mike Craddock, Director – National Association of Realtors

“Category5 increased Flintco’s visibility and market perception thus achieving nearly a 400% revenue growth. That has definitely opened doors for us.” Dana Birkes, Past Corporate Vice President Business Development & Marketing, The Flintco Companies

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