The Gut Response: Building Product Marketing Using Visuals, Part 2

If you want your marketing message to get more than three seconds of a customer’s attention, you must know how the human brain works.

That may sound daunting but stay with us. The good news is it isn’t rocket science and is much easier than it may sound.  In Part 1 we gave you some simple ways to use numbers to engage the brain’s gatekeeper, the primal brain.  Now let’s give you some examples that are easy on the eyes.  We are going to delve into imagery with some ideas sure to fuel creativity and be easy to implement.

The primal brain controls our first response to input.  It makes that “flight or fight” decision.  If concerned with safety, which would make you more comfortable – a wide expansive of an appealing landscape or a tight shot of a product?  A colleague in automotive retail took this question to heart and changed Facebook cover images.



Ah, breathing room! For our primal brain the more expansive view makes an easy task of surveying the situation for threats, finding a calming landscape, allowing us to then take a more lingering glance and appreciate the Porsche Cayenne.

The primal brain predictably also takes many clues from faces and responds strongly to people images.  The gaze of a person appearing in an advertisement can even cause a viewer to LOOK the same direction… imagine a digital clothing ad featuring a model with downcast eyes directed toward the SHOP NOW button. Test these ideas when you are viewing messages you receive and respond to each day.  If you are drawn in, chances are good you’ll easy now see the thoughtful message craftsmanship at work.

And when it comes to faces, love sonnets may be written about the charm of a lopsided smile but a symmetrical face (a rarity) is found to be most appealing. Remember what we shared about the primal brain in Part 1; it likes order.

How can we immediately apply these observations in marketing building materials?  You have probably already thought of it!

Show homes and buildings in their environment. Provide that wider perspective. Share more about the setting, the lifestyle.
And speaking of lifestyle, use images of people – people in the spaces created using your products – working in a relaxed setting, gathering with friends in an inviting kitchen.

Rain shower style bathroom fixtures give us that gorgeous feeling of walking in the rain.
Which image conveys that delight?

Rain 1

Rains 2

SEE. It’s not rocket science.

We promised to bring into this dialogue Susan Phasiss, Neurodevelopmental Specialist. And we will. We are expanding our conversation on gut responses to one more segment… Part 3: The Primal Brain and Color!

Image Sources:
Rainshower 1:
Rain shower 2:

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