Is your future foggy?

foggy stairsCategory5 can help you focus. We provide clients with the clarity and perspective they need to propel their business to the next level. Using our signature C5 Process, we can help set your company apart from the competition and ultimately, make you money. And the best news of all: We’re interviewing clients.

Our Process:

1. Discovery
A careful study of your building product is made, with the express goal of uncovering the total value it offers to its buyers — your customers and consumers.

In this phase, C5 also explores how it plays with the 5 Forces: cost, health, eco, codes and credits (tax, energy and LEED).

2. Analysis
Taking what we’ve learned, we apply The 5Forces™ process for determining the building product’s true value, presenting it in a new light.

We review our findings with you and help you see the product the way we do, including all of the possibilities for leveraging this new point of view for growth.

3. Strategy
Next, we create a marketing strategy and plan that reflects the best paths for your business, including the best use of your marketing budget.

With the information discovered in the previous steps of our proprietary process, we tap our deep knowledge of the building products industry and the building product buying audience to identify the right marketing strategy and plan. The final suggested plan will not only maximize the impact of marketing resources and budgets, but also ensure that what’s done is what’s best for the business.

4. Application
Plan set, it’s time to apply. Bonus: When you engage our sister company Malone Group Design to execute on tactics, C5 will oversee the process.

At this point you will have a plan in hand and are ready to start implementation. Category5 can help with all aspects, from branding, design and packaging to direct marketing, advertising and public relations — whatever is needed to ensure that the true value of your product is being represented and communicated to buyers in a way they can’t resist.

5. Rediscovery
Knowing your product line and your manufacturing capability, we can continue to add value through new product design, product development and more.

C5 can continue to provide value by helping you expand product lines with new product design and design development or extend your reach even further through additional innovative marketing approaches.

Book an interview today. We may not  be a good fit, but schedule an interview now to learn if you are. Email at or call: 918.745.2201.

We are a business consultancy for building products manufacturers, with emphasis in advertising and marketing. We help you make money and grow your business. Check us out.

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