5 Reasons Building Product Marketers Need to Adopt a Housing Cause

shutterstock_163593227Whether it’s supplying materials through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity in your community or sponsoring a community event related to the health benefits of sustainable homes, your customers really want to know the products they’ve selected—your products—have wide-reaching impact.

In fact, after economic development, the area consumers most want companies to address is poverty and hunger—providing financial assistance, food and housing to people in great need, followed by environment—preserving and protecting our natural resources, according to the 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study.

Consider these statistics from the Cone study:

  • Nearly all U.S. consumers (93 percent) feel much more positively about a company when it supports a cause.
  • Ninety percent of consumers were more likely to be more loyal and trusting of companies that back causes.
  • In the last 20 years, consumers’ likelihood to switch to brands connected to a cause, given comparable price and quality, has increased to nearly the entire population in 2013 up from two-thirds of the population in 1993.

Using your resources and products to advance housing and environmental causes, gives customers something extra and sets your brand apart in the process.

Five reasons your building products organization should adopt a housing cause:

  1. Increasingly, the social impact of a building product factors into consumers’ buying decisions; they no longer buy based only on purpose.
  2. Research shows consumers are more inclined to buy a product associated with a cause.
  3. It provides opportunity for your brand to earn the loyalty of customers by demonstrating how your participation with a housing cause will make (is making) a difference.
  4. Customers will tell friends and families about your housing cause effort, increasing brand awareness and potentially, engagement.
  5. Contributing to the greater good by gathering resources around some of the most pressing environmental and societal issues can position you as an industry leader, by making you worth following.

Adopting a housing cause can help build a better future for your community and your business—literally. More importantly, housing cause adoption can show the building products market what you really believe in, making it easier for customers to believe in, buy from and be loyal to you and your brands.


Photo Credit:  Shutterstock

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