Two Simple, But Critical, Types of Website Content in Building Product Marketing

medium_2807150797Building product marketers need to make sure even the simplest website content is accessible because it can play a huge role in whether buyers move forward with your company. 

In a recently released web usability report, B2B buyers were asked what factors would cause them to leave a website. Respondents reported across the board that a lack of contact information was so annoying, it caused them to leave a website.

  • 55% answered that “no contact information/phone number” reduces the company’s credibility
  • 37% said a lack of contact information wastes their time

With statistics like these, be sure you’re making it easy for your prospective customers to contact you. Don’t bury your contact information and make them hunt for it, because most won’t go to those lengths to find it.

68 percent of survey respondents say that they consider “Company Address and Contact Information” to be “Critically Important” with regard to moving forward with a vendor.

Another mistake many companies make is leaving off their physical address. As research shows, not having complete contact information will lower your credibility in the eyes of your buyers. Avoid having your website visitors thinking you are hiding something or that you may be operating out of a garage.

More than likely, your buyers are sourcing their vendors online. If you are on the short list of suppliers, they’ll send your name to a purchasing agent, or will send an RFQ. If your information isn’t readily available to include in the RFQ, then you are out of the running. Building product buyers use website content they find to pre-qualify vendors and suppliers.

Lastly, make sure the “About” page on your website is being fully  utilized by featuring your company history, team bios, press rooms, etc. “About” pages are one of the first interactions a website visitor makes when visiting a website, after viewing “Products and Services” pages.

View the entire Web Usability Report here.

Photo credit: Chelsea Gomez on flickr

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