Advantages of Online Surveys in Building Product Marketing

2566730276_61b8a53363_zOnline surveys provide building product marketers more reliable data faster and at less cost than the manual methods of telephone and print surveys. 

One of the most important aspects for planning building product marketing campaigns is the ability to understand the needs and pain points of customers and prospects. Before the proliferation of online automated systems, marketers would use telephone and print surveys to capture valuable marketing data. They were dependent upon researchers to gather, input, compile and error check results. Many times this led to higher costs and missed marketing opportunities due to the turnaround time involved.

Today, the web provides flexible options for conducting surveys. Although ones conducted online are not as scientific as in-person or phone surveys that use a random sampling of the population, they are a low-cost way to do market research about whether an idea or product will appeal to your customers. One word of caution though; when using the free survey tools available online, be sure to design yours to produce the most valuable data.

Considering the needs of building product marketers, see how the advantages of online surveys compare to the traditional options:

Reduction in human error. As with anything done manually, there is always a risk of errors, particularly with manual insertion of data from traditional surveys. This risk is now minimized, which ensures more reliable results and improved statistics.

Simplified revisions. Online surveys allow for revisions to be made within hours, or even minutes, of being deployed. The convenience and ease allows more surveys to be created, updated and in use in less time, which leads to improved efficiency.

Data captured in real-time. This is a huge benefit for building product marketers. Having this type of data instantly provides the information marketers need, when they need it. No longer do you have to use survey results that are months old. With instant access to online survey results, you can strategically plan effective, timely campaigns.

Automated reporting. Waiting on reports to be generated on survey feedback is a thing of the past. Today’s automated reporting systems not only help with real-time statistics, but also the ability to perform detailed reporting from anywhere, at any time.

Photo credit: Todd via flickr

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