Five Ways to Take Charge of Your Reputation in Building Product Marketing

Reputation_4365875125_e0dfbbb87f_zYou can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do. – Henry Ford

In any industry, personal reputation matters. In building product manufacturing, it’s important because to close the deal and get the order, your customer has to have confidence that you can deliver.

Great reputations don’t just happen. They result from deliberate actions. They are built over months to years, based largely on your actions but sometimes on your words as well. Once an opinion has been formed, it is very difficult to change that perception. Below are five things you can consistently do to build a great reputation for your building product company.

Online Monitoring.

Monitoring your brand-related conversations can help you identify the places your customers and prospects are talking about you. It will also make you aware of brand sentiment. If it seems you need to improve your building product brand’s reputation, there are lots of tools available that make this an easy task.

Ask for Feedback.

Reviews play a significant role in the online space. Since users trust other users more than businesses, reviews can provide credibility to your building product business and help move your prospects down the path to purchase. Users have become accustomed to giving reviews on all sorts of products and services, and although you can’t force someone to leave one, you can ask them politely.

Be Nice.

Getting back to the basics of simply being nice does wonders when it comes to everyday reputation management. Needless to say, it goes a long way both online and offline. No matter how well your company is managed, there will always be a customer who is irritated by an experience. In cases such as these, keep “the customer is always right” top of mind by acknowledging the customer, apologizing and taking steps to make it right.

Be Helpful. 

A great way to build your building product brand’s reputation and authority is to provide genuine value to online conversations with your customers and prospects. Luckily there are many opportunities in the online space in which to do this such as your company blog, Q & A sites and social networks.

Engage in the blogosphere. 

Maintaining a good business blog can help you manage your online reputation better because, basically, a blog is a reflection of your building product brand. It therefore gives readers the opportunity to learn more about it by telling them who your company is and what you have to offer, among other things. In many cases a blog gives your customers a chance to express their thoughts about your building products as well as your business in general.

Photo credit: F Delventhal via flickr

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