Five Digital Aha’s for Marketing Building Products in 2014

AhaKeeping up-to-date with digital trends and strategies from thought leaders and veteran marketers will help you hone your current marketing skills and fill your sales pipeline with viable leads. 

Online Marketing Institute recently hosted a series of webinars featuring seven leading experts in the B2B digital marketing sphere. Tips, tactics and strategies were presented from thought leaders in the areas of social media, marketing automation, content marketing, big data and mobility. If you missed it, I’ve provided five aha’s from the all day event:

1. Content marketing has changed B2B forever. Traditional B2B marketing efforts like basic brand advertising and trade show participation aren’t working as well anymore. Content marketing is dominating as the marketing vehicle for building product marketers.

2. Content marketing should satisfy three stages of the buyer’s journey. Content creation and marketing should be more informational and less advertorial in nature. To be sure you aren’t spinning your content creation wheels and getting nowhere, build your content strategy around your goals:

  • Lead generation: focus on content that prompts registration or email downloads such as whitepapers and ebooks
  • Establishing your company as a thought leader: produce regular blog posts and create reports that will establish your business as a trusted resource
  • Increase brand awareness: produce engaging content such as guides, infographics and videos that are informational to your prospect and include your company’s branding

3. Content can mold leads into brand advocates. Customers who get it are worth a lot more than those who don’t. This is why it is critical to move a prospect from unaware to aware with your content. A customer who is loyal to your building product brand is less likely to shop the competition and more likely to refer you to others.

4. Find success with content, reach and paid advertising. The crucial combination of producing quality content, optimizing for organic reach and spending on promotions is necessary to see results with your social efforts. 

5. Don’t be corporate, be human. One of the toughest challenges building product marketers face is being human with your audience. B2B marketing messages tend to be indifferent, dull and over-promotional. Take note from marketers in the B2C space who more effectively resonate on an emotional level.

Online Marketing Institute’s B2B Digital Marketing Essentials for 2014

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