Four Challenges Killing Your Building Product Marketing ROI

medium_3290848259Content creation has become essential in lead generation and building product marketers who understand the challenges are able to create a stronger brand visibility. 

A Content Marketing Institute report revealed that the top content creation concerns among marketers are:

  • Producing enough content. Even though as a whole marketers are producing more content across a wider spectrum of formats, producing enough content remains the top challenge. But it’s not just about quantity. Are you measuring your building product content marketing web traffic and identifying better-quality sales leads? It’s more important for you to provide quality content that engages and compels your prospects and customer rather than churn out as much copy as you can.
  • Producing original content. Creating original and engaging content is another big challenge for building product marketers. While it’s understandable, you should be able to develop engaging media by using an editorial brief that outlines your target audiences’ interests. Using it as a filter for content will allow you to bring your building product brand’s unique perspective to life.
  • Lack of resources. One of the more common challenges among content marketers is limited staff and budgets. It continues to be a growing concern for many marketers because they simply don’t have the money or talent to produce content in house. One way to work around this issue is for the marketing team to share the responsibilities.
  • Ineffective ROI measurement. Measuring ROI and producing strategic content are challenges that prevent wider use of content marketing practices. The inability to evaluate metrics is an acceptable struggle, however content analytics should be a driving force behind your campaigns. If you don’t know where to devote resources that will impact the bottom line, how can you invest more?

Read the entire Content Marketing Institute report: 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends.

Photo credit:  cambodia4kidsorg via flickr

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