Content Marketing Tactics That Ensure Success in Building Product Marketing

medium_7196460482Understanding the tactics of successful B2B marketers to drive awareness and recruit new customers can help building product marketers finesse marketing goals. 

A new report from Content Marketing Institute reveals that social media is an essential platform for generating new business. Building product manufacturers can use this statistic, among other key findings from the report, to hone in on a strategic content marketing plan. Some of the other B2B marketing insights include:

  • 93% are using content marketing
  • 44% have a documented content strategy
  • B2B content marketers use an average of 13 tactics
  • 76% are sharing video via social media platforms
  • In-person events are rated as the most effective tactic
  • LinkedIn is the most widely used social media site to distribute content (91%) and the platform the majority of B2B marketers consider to be most effective
  • Slideshare, Google+ and Instagram have experienced the biggest surges in use over the last year
  • 58% plan to increase their content marketing budget
  • 73% have increased the amount of content they are producing over last year
  • 86% have someone who oversees content strategy
  • 95% segment their content in at least one way

One of the more intriguing insights from the report is the fact that 30% of marketing budgets are allocated to content marketing. Nearly one third of marketers’ entire budgets is devoted to content. You know as well as I do that when marketers put that much faith in a tactic, it has to be influencing the bottom line.

Even though brand awareness is still the top organizational goal for content marketing, sales lead quality and web traffic are the top success metrics for content.

Read Content Marketing Institute’s entire report, The State of B2B Content Marketing in North America.

If you prefer, view Brightcove’s infographic on the key findings of this year’s B2B content marketing research.

 Photo credit:  gforsythe via flickr

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