Three Key Moves to Up Your Building Product Marketing Game

8995072084_accdb78957_k 3 movesBuilding product marketers who have a documented content strategy can raise awareness and increase impressions on social media. 

Simply being present on social media is no longer enough. When you are plotting your company’s course in the social waters, there are three key moves you can make that will create a successful strategy.

1.  Build brand awareness. While it’s a good idea – and easy – to set goals for your social media marketing campaign based on how many people click  through to your site, you might consider employing impression-based strategies for a portion of your ad budget. The goal here is to have your brand seen by buyers you will eventually approach for sales. Prospects of your building products who use social media are far more likely to purchase a product or service they have seen in their social media feeds, advertisement, etc. If you are attracting positive attention by sharing helpful information and insights, it doesn’t go unnoticed. When a potential buyer sees your brand pop up on their social media radar, it prepares them for when you reach out to them.

2.  Highlight your expertise. Building product social media users turn to sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to read the news and keep up with the latest trends in the industry. In a nutshell, they turn to these channels to learn from others. Leverage this by positioning your building product brand as a valued contributor of information while at the same time augmenting your visibility among potential buyers. This also allows you to directly communicate with them without the pressure of selling.

3.  Make contact for sales. Generating sales is your campaign’s ultimate goal, so making direct contact will need to happen at some point. Social media marketing is a great way to follow through and establish genuine connections with your potential buyers. Be sure you are targeting businesses you’d like to work with and finding them in the social media channel in which they are strongest.

Photo credit:  Daniel Y. Go via

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