How to Avoid the Delete Button in Building Product Email Marketing

Avoid_the_deleteEmail marketing is a key component in building product marketing and showing it a little TLC will help avoid your recipients hitting the delete button. 

Email marketing is an integral element in B2B strategic marketing. It communicates and builds relationships with your prospects, gathers important data and helps boost your marketing ROI. But too often, many building product marketers miss the mark and fall short on the return.

By paying close attention to your building product audience and the message – and avoiding the common trap of sending self-promotional messages – you can build and execute email marketing campaigns that are more effective.

According to Constant Contact, the average open rate for the Manufacturing and Distribution industry is 19.40%. As a comparison, the open rate for Retail is 18.01% and Restaurant 19.02%. Do your numbers match up to this average? What about your bounce, click-through and opt-out rates? The averages for Manufacturing are 11.49%, 12.00% and 0.27%, respectively. 

Evaluating your current email marketing efforts is key in maintaining an effective program. Email subject lines, audience segmentation, automation, testing and analyzing results are activities that should be performed and monitored on a regular basis.

Subject Lines

In a recent report by MailChimp, email subject lines that convey a sense of urgency, such as those that contain “urgent” or “important,” have much higher open rates. It also finds that email recipients are more likely to open emails with subject lines that contain positive solicitations, such as “announcement” and “invitation.”

Audience Segmentation

Consider combining standard segmentation criteria with behavioral data to augment your segmentation strategies. Look at who opened emails, whether they downloaded your offer and how long they spend on your website.


Analyze your current marketing automation solution to see if it is providing the automation you need to save time on your email marketing efforts. It should be automating based on event and behavioral triggers. If it is not, you might consider reviewing other options in order to save more time to build relationships with your prospects.


An email marketing program that achieves optimal results requires testing as part of the process. Consider testing subject lines in addition to the standard A/B testing to ensure the right message is being sent to your prospects. Other elements such as images and copy can be tested to see which garners higher results.

Analyzing Results

You don’t have to have a deep understanding of Excel or spend hours crunching numbers in order to read an email marketing report. Your marketing automation solution should provide enough leverage to get the details in a form everyone can understand. Use this information to get a snapshot of your prospect’s interaction, which will help you improve future campaigns.

If you’d like to see how Manufacturing compares to other industries, click here for Constant Contact’s Comparison by Industry Chart.

To view the MailChimp report on subject line data, click here.

Photo credit:  Rachel Beer via Flickr

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