5 Dangers to Avoid in Marketing Building Products

iStock_000015878418_5_dangersBrand awareness can be achieved in your building product marketing but having a clear understanding of the nuances involved in communicating to your audience will set you up for success.

Reaching people is easy in today’s connected world. We no longer have technological barriers and geographical boundaries that we have to worry about, so creating brand awareness in your building product marketing is easy to achieve. Isn’t it?

Your customers may be easier to reach, but it doesn’t mean you’ll easily accomplish the feat of brand awareness in today’s noisy B2B world. There are many pitfalls in branding and marketing building products, but I’ve condensed the list to what I believe are the five biggest dangers in branding and marketing your building products:

  1. Not human enough. People want to do business with people, not things such as corporations. In their dealings with your building product business, they want to know there is a real, live person to interact with. Companies that strive to be human, that have personalities, values and real world attributes see success.
  2. Lack of voice. Voice is extremely important in branding and marketing your company’s building products. In fact, it may be one of the most valued thing it owns. In a nutshell, it’s the message–and the essence–of what you are doing.
  3. Too much “Sell.” Everyone needs to sell. That’s undeniable. Though in today’s chaotic B2B world, your building product customers need more than a salesperson; they need someone with whom they can engage. Consider the fact that customers are 60-70% through the sales cycle before a prospect wants to engage with one of your salespeople and be sure you are providing engagement in the early stages of their journey.
  4. Trying too hard. Whether it’s in courtship or business, the harder you vie for attention, the more likely you are not to receive it. In order to be human and resonate with your customers, you need to relax. You can be serious, just not too serious. Execute the work that goes into your branding in a relaxed manner.
  5. Too easy to forget. Attention is a valuable commodity today. When you get your customer’s attention, grab it and hold on to it by telling them a story that’s tough to ignore.

Please share your greatest brand challenges in the comment section below.

Photo Credit:  Istockphoto

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