Building Products: The Ten Commandments of Email Marketing

email marketing  building products

Email marketing can still be an incredibly effective tactic for driving sales, even in the wake of social media’s rise in popularity.

Email consumption and delivery is not what it used to be. The world of email marketing is evolving which means marketers must adapt and meet the demands of today’s buyers.

Here are my 10 Commandments of email marketing:

1. Be brief, be brilliant, be gone

Let’s face it. Buyers are on information overload these days, particularly in their work lives. And they aren’t sitting at their desk waiting your next email. How can you avoid the delete button? Be relevant. Speak to their pain points. You won’t provide pain relief by hammering them with your key product features. Understand your buyer in order to connect with him.

2. It’s not all about you

Leave the praise and chest beating for your website. Your email newsletter content should follow the 80/20 rule: 80% should be about the industry, white papers, reports and studies and 20% can be about you.

3. Words are worth a thousand pictures

What I mean is that B2B is still dominated by written content, but keep a balance between it and nicely designed HTML graphics for your email. Tell your story through copywriting and don’t use too many pictures. Email targets readers, not viewers, so speak to them from  a human, to a human.

4. Inform with expertise

Building products professionals are info-junkies. Help them feed their craving for content and do their jobs better by positioning yourself as an integral source of information on the industry.

5. Be human

Email needs to come from a person. Use personal addresses for your communications and if you’re trying to connect with an executive audience, the email needs to come from your CEO or someone who could be considered a peer.

6. Don’t get caught with tunnel vision

Too many times it seems email marketing is done without awareness of the outside world and its goings-on. If you can weave current events, rumors, fads, etc. into your content, you will seem less like a machine and more like someone a buyer wants to do business with.

7. Be truthful

Talk to your buyers in language they understand and that doesn’t sound like every other organization in your industry. Not every company can be a leader in their industry and buyers get tired of hearing this over and over. You can be more powerful speaking in a personal way when portraying your company and its product offerings by being real.

8. Don’t bury the good stuff

If you have a white paper, make it known immediately.  Don’t make your readers search for what you are offering. Put it in your subject line and add an obvious link to it.

9. Get to the point

Don’t put your hook at the bottom of your email. Lead with the crux of your message so you grab their attention first and not lose them. Your buyers will immediately know whether they’re interested in reading more and will appreciate you not wasting their time.

10. Be useful

Your audience is too busy to burden them with emails that don’t help them solve their business problems. Most organizations make their communications all about them, instead of their buyers. Focus on your buyer and provide value to them.

photo credit: WireLizard via photopin cc

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