Building Products: 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Green Marketing

five tips marketing building products

Green certifications are a great way to strengthen your company’s credibility in green marketing claims.

Energy prices having increased dramatically in the last 10 years has introduced an even wider audience to energy efficiency and environmental issues. But with more than 400 different eco-labels now on the market, we need to make sure we aren’t confusing our end customers.

Energy efficiency is a leading factor in deciding if a product is green. According to a McGraw-Hill Construction Smart Report, 85% of respondents said it was important. Other important factors are health and well-being benefits (72%), water efficiency (71%) and recycled content/recyclability at 70%.

The standards and certification programs provide helpful guidance but they do differ, which has caused confusion in the market place.

Here are five tips on how to enhance the value of your green certification and avoid confusion with your customers:

  1. Be sensible. Make sure the organization behind the certification you are pursuing is credible and that it’s standards are in compliance with the industry’s top standards organizations.
  2. Be germane. Given the fact that there are more than 400 labels that are available for green certification, chances are you may qualify for more than one of them. Remember though to promote the attributes that are most relevant to your brand and if possible, integrate the messaging throughout your brand extensions.
  3. Be informative. Educate your customers on the specifics about your green certification. If your qualification is a single-attribute label, be clear that a specific attribute qualifies and that the product as a whole isn’t greener.
  4. Be open. If your company self certifies by providing a type of label or certification based on a set of criteria, be clear that the label is yours and is not the work of a third party.
  5. Be boastful. Help create awareness of your certification if it isn’t widely recognized by the average consumer. Look for ways to communicate your commitment to your green certification, which can create differentiation among your competitors.

photo credit: the half-blood prince via photopin cc

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