Content the New Creative for Marketing Building Products

content marketing building products

Marketers of building products should be showing up with pertinent, relevant content at each stage in the buying cycle.

Business marketers need to understand that the business channel as we’ve known it no longer exists. 

On average buyers will have completed 60% of the purchasing decision process before they contact a sales rep, according to CEB Marketing Leadership Council

Consumers have become empowered as technology has evolved. Buyers are accustomed to being as engaged in their decision-making as they want to be, which includes the notion of anytime and anywhere. They want information when they want it and they want to be able to access it on the device of their choice.

Prospective customers are turning to information that is publicly available as well as their personal networks to research their problems and form opinions about how to solve them. Companies without a strong online presence or strategy for content are risking losing sales opportunities.

The not-so-old saying in the online space deems that content is king. Today, content such as white papers, webinars, newsletters, blog posts, isn’t just king, it can be considered the new creative and it is what’s creating awareness.

In order to execute a successful content plan, three objectives must be met:

  1. It has to get noticed
  2. It has to satisfy your target’s information needs
  3. It must be credible

Content is the key to unlocking the door to consumer engagement. It helps you build a strong connection with consumers, creates more impact and influences purchasing decisions.

photo credit: 14clicksNick via photopin cc

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