Building Products: Increasing C-suite Social Media Marketing Engagement

social ceo building product manufacturers

Many company leaders are now aware of the power of social media marketing and are using it to engage with their employees and consumers.  

Companies that are truly social and engage their employees and customers in genuine conversation will be recognized as the new corporate leaders. CEOs who are social will be the next new thing. – Leslie Gaines-Ross, Chief Reputation Strategist, Weber Shandwick

According to data from a Weber Shandwick survey, social media engagement by CEOs has doubled in one year. In the survey more than 600 professionals – managers on up to the C-suite, excluding CEOs – revealed insights and habits of the world’s most effective and engaging CEOs.

In organization’s with a social CEO, 46% of executives admit that the participation of their CEOs makes them feel technologically advanced, while 52% feel inspired.

This study was conducted to develop a profile of the most Highly Social CEOs. Some of the common activities among this group include:

  • Using an expansive set of social tools. Highly Social CEOs realize that true engagement is more than dropping a few words in a Twitter feed and understand the benefits of driving content across several social channels.
  • Having their own blog. Highly Social CEOs don’t just blog, they have their own blog because they see the value in long-form, original content that gives their perspectives meaning and depth.
  • Leveraging the company website. More than 90% of Highly Social CEOs surveyed post to their organization’s website. They realize that the website is the hub of all information and is a platform for content to be delivered in various formats such as videos and photos.
  • Self-authoring. Highly Social CEOs write their own posts, which is encouraged by most social media experts.
  • Looking forward. Although not all executives believe their CEOs look beyond the next quarter, Highly Social CEOs are more likely to be perceived as forward-looking.
  • Are spontaneous but not too informal. Highly Social CEOs exhibit the ability to react quickly but don’t lose the formality of their role
  • Engaging a wide variety of stakeholders. Highly Social CEOs are aware of the value in using sociability to their companies’ advantages and are able to target industry peers, investors, media and prospective employees with their activities.

The Social CEO: Executives Tell All defined social media participation as “posting messages, videos, pictures, etc. on a social media site.”  In this Weber Shandwick study, executives are described as having a social CEO — those with CEOs who participate in social media — or an unsocial CEO.  Having a better portrait from executives on how CEOs are engaging socially, we can better measure how far CEOs have come and how far they have to go.

Download the entire Social CEO Study or click here to view an accompanying infographic.

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