Video is Key in Building Products’ Online Marketing Strategies

video marketing  building products

Content marketing is key in today’s B2B marketing strategies and video is proving to be a driving force of influence on buyers.

In the B2B channel, the more you engage, the better. Therefore, it’s highly important to understand how C-level executives consume content. More than 300 C-level executives reveal in a recent Forbes study that video is now a critical source of information for them. More than 80% watch more than they did a year ago and 75% say they watch work-related videos weekly.

The forces that are causing the evolution of video content marketing are:

  • C-suite buyers are increasingly influenced by it
  • It provides a built-in and immediate channel for feedback
  • Organizations are facing more pressure to provide marketing ROI

Creating compelling content isn’t the only factor in being a good content marketer. Establishing effective feedback channels allow marketers the ability to know:

  • If content is being consumed
  • If people are reading all of it or just part of it
  • The number of times it was read and if it was shared. With video, the feedback channel is automatically built-in by knowing how many times it was played and how long it was watched.

Video is also an excellent way to close the sale by capturing prospective customer information, including what videos were watched and for how long. By capturing leads and knowing what content is consumed, you can pass along additional similar content or follow-up to close the sale. One thing to note is that due to the vast amount of content available and the fact that your audience consists of very busy senior executives, shorter, more relevant content is critical.

Relevancy in your content brings up an important consideration. In the latest content marketing study from MarketingProfs, findings reveal that less than half of marketers believe they are producing engaging content. It’s important to know your buyers and what they are looking for.

Also consider where your audience is in the buying cycle and when they are viewing your video. Are you building awareness or providing information for the research stage? Your videos need to give the buyer what they need to move them down the sales funnel.

photo credit: jayneandd via photopin cc

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