Public Relations: An SEO Silver Bullet for Building Products Marketing

public relations building product marketing

Manufacturers of today’s building products need to move beyond traditional PR activities by developing digitally-focused PR strategies that will ensure maximum exposure.

Search engine optimization should be a key tactic used in your building products online digital marketing strategy. There are numerous ways to increase your site’s search rankings, but there’s one that you may not consider valuable.

Press releases have traditionally been issued as a text announcement in marketing building products. However, technology has helped to make them dynamic communication tools and an effective way to boost rankings for specific keywords. By making them interactive, you can publish releases on various distribution sites, which fares well with Google and will move you up in search results.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Begin with a solid piece of news
  • Use an online press release template (some websites won’t post your release unless it’s correctly formatted)
  • Incorporate keywords
  • Add an image to make it visually appealing

The information you need to include:

  • Headline – Provide a concise statement of what the release is about
  • Summary – Briefly explain in a few sentences what the release covers
  • Image – You can use your logo, but if you have a dynamic photo that pertains to the content of the release, use it as well
  • Hyperlinks – Let people quickly check out your company by driving them back to your website
  • Contact info – Make it easy for people to make contact
  • Social share buttons – Give readers a simple say to share your release

Use no more than two keywords naturally throughout your release. If you overuse a keyword, Google will know it and will punish you. Make sure your release sounds as if someone were saying it out loud.

You’ll want to use an online distribution site such as Google News, an industry-specific channel or send directly to journalists who might write about your company.

PR is still an important complement to your building products marketing efforts and the results from a successful media campaign can be invaluable in enhancing your company’s reputation.

photo credit: Cast a Line via photopin cc

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