Bob Vila, Dr. Phil and Marketing Building Products to Women

women home improvement

Sears study: 3 out of 5 women would rather receive an hour of advice from Bob Vila (Sears spokesperson)  than Dr. Phil.

That is because women make or influence 85% of all building product purchases and 91% of new home purchases.

In a women homeowner survey commissioned by Sears, respondents said that it was important for them to learn more about home maintenance and repair. They are motivated building product buyers because they have a vested interest in their home. They crave information that will guide good home owner buying decisions and they are looking for trusted sources for content, like you.

According to the research, while women may not have the depth of knowledge or skills in home maintenance and repair, two-thirds of them consider themselves “somewhat handy” and 61% say they enjoy home maintenance.

The survey found that women also enjoy watching home improvement programming featuring women do-it-yourselfers, designers and contractors. The shows stimulate interest and make women feel like they could do what’s being demonstrated or they could get an idea for a project and hire someone do it.

According to the study, a gap between what women and men knew about home maintenance, their skills to get things done, and their approach toward improvements. Women need different information to get comfortable with buying building products than men do.

Building product manufacturers need to tell their story in a way that women can relate to it and understand it. At stake is the largest and most influential buying group, women.

In their lifetime, more than 8 in 10 women will be solely responsible for maintaining a home whether by choice, by divorce, or survival of a spouse.

Providing information that helps them understand what choices are available to them and what they need to know about owning, maintaining and improving a home is monumental.

Inspire a can-do confidence. Women need a go-to-resource for home improvement projects that answers their questions, conquers their fears and increases their overall understanding of project scope and pricing. Women prefer digital information so provide easy access to help, rich content and very visual tools that will give them that can-do confidence.  And, if you create these resources for women, you’ll be building engagement with your brand and your fastest growing buying segment, women.

photo credit: Victor L Antunez via photopin cc

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