4 Branding Mistakes to Avoid For Better Marketing of Building Products

marketing building products

Branding for building products doesn’t have to be a crapshoot. 

Branding should precede and provide the foundation for your marketing efforts. A good number of small building product companies lack a strong brand foundation. Which leads me to provide this warning …

“He who wasn’t around at the finish, had a fatal flaw from the first.” – Unknown

Creating a strong brand will help you to build awareness for who you are and what you are selling much quicker and with less cost and waste of your marketing budget.  As your company grows your branding needs to grow with it. So, here are four branding mistakes I recommend that you avoid: 

One:  Unbiased Branding

Your personal view of your brand could be stunting the growth of your business.  It’s not unusual to have trouble being unbiased about your brand because your vantage point is too close.

Unbiased perspective reveals opportunity.

If you want to know how other’s see your business, find a third-party to conduct a brand audit for you. An audit will thoroughly assess your business, give you unbiased perspective, and will reveal a clear path for your brand. You’ll be amazed at what you can’t see that’s right in front of you.

Two:  Unfocused Branding

Unfocused branding causes doubt and confusion and delivers indecisive buyers. If you’re brand is too broad, rein it in and narrow your focus. Be clear about what your brand promise is, articulate it well, then follow through with that promise consistently.

What’s that old saying if you’re trying to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one.  Don’t be like the El Camino, the car of indecision – half truck and half car.

El Camino: Best example of a cruck; vehicle which doesn’t know if it wants to be a car or a truck

– Urban Dictionary

People don’t believe you can be great at everything, if your brand  unfocused and your promise is to broad, people assume what you’re delivering is mediocre.

Three:  Inconsistent Branding

What’s the cost of sending out mixed signals?  Well, every time your brand is not recognized, your message is unclear, you cause a consumer double take, or have even the tiniest hesitation, you’re just made and expensive mistake.

When marketing building products, be clean and clear, and brand consistent.  If your message is good but your brand is stagnate or declining, take the rose-colored glasses off and look for inconsistencies.

Four:  Fragmented Branding

Without a plan, your branding will be fragmented and will have a poor return on your marketing investment.  Make a plan for success by drafting a road map including;

  • Who is your customer?
  • What does your customer value?
  • When, and how frequently will you talk to your customer?
  • Where are they found?
  • Why will they buy your product?

Fragmented brands can also be a symptom of an underfunded budget. When you’re drafting your road map be sure to budget for success too. After all, marketing is a capital expense and should be part of your master plan.

Avoid temptation.  Underfunded budgets may tempt you to bid out work with several agencies on a project basis. This may save you money upfront but it will breed inconsistency and cause gaps in your brand, and, gaps cause missed opportunities.

photo credit: Kaptain Kobold via photopin cc

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