6 Tips to Improve Brand Awareness When Marketing Building Products

six tips marketing building products

Consistent, well positioned branding is like money in the bank.

Strong brands that are well positioned always perform better, generate more revenue, and efficiently reach buyers. Well positioned brands, like compounding interest on a bank account, have a cumulative effect on your brand equity. It doesn’t matter if your product is sophisticated or simple, the branding rules for marketing building products remain the same. Consistency and brand promises held true are the key to strong awareness and acceptance.

Brand awareness doesn’t happen instantly, it’s a cumulative impression that happens because of consistency and repetition. As a building product manufacturer, you may grow increasingly tired as your message is repeated but, as you’re tiring, your audience is likely just beginning to connect and become aware of your brand. Stay true because consistency builds value through strong brands and they become more profitable.

Here are 6 tips for improving your brand awareness:

First, define (or reaffirm) your target audience

Second, determine what your target audience values

Third, test your brand against what your target values. Gather your collateral materials in one place and sort them by target audience, putting like-type items together.

Fourth, out with the irrelevant, in with the well positioned. Create three piles (yes, it’s just like cleaning out your garage) and start sorting

  1. Keep (ideal example, good message and branding – answers target values)
  2. Recycle (good message – outdated, visually off-brand or poor execution)
  3. Trash (irrelevant message)

Fifth, merge the keep and recycle piles. Sort the combined piles putting like-type campaigns together and look for duplications. If you find multiple campaigns with the same message directed at the same audience, pick the strongest campaign and commit yourself and your budget to making this campaign relevant and consistent.

Sixth, repeat the campaign, reinforce your brand, and reassure your target. Repeat, reinforce and reassure your target again and again and again.

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

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